Fine Pastry

Our Fine Pastry collection is a source of everyday inspiration

Be welcome to to the World of Fine French Pastries, where you will find Tartelettes, Dacquoise chocolates, Macarons, Croissants, Gourmandises and Mini Gourmandises of countless flavors and designs. 

In an inspiring way and embodying the essence of fine French pastry, Chef Ivo Camões, dignifying tradition, has this pastry genius at heart and presents us with the great classics famous the world over.

Whether it's magnificent fruit tartlets, the Saint Honoré, o Paris Brestthe famous Tarte Tatin, the delicious Éclairs, the incomparable chocolate Plaisir, the unforgettable Macarons, the tasty Tropéziene, the inevitable Croissants, the unavoidable Opéraor the exclusive Dacquoise Chocolates

Full of Design, for your Birthdays, Baptisms or Weddings, or to complete your Catering or Event;

You also have at your disposal, our magnificent collection of Customized Cakesincluding ceremony cakesor the unforgettable Dacquoise signature desserts, and any of the  seasonal revelations.

"Gourmandises de saison" or the most classic, all are an expression of a very neat dedication.

Tartelette Fruits Rouges
Tartelette Fruits Rouges


See our collection of festive cakes

Fine Pastries - tartelettes, Macarons, Croissant and other GOURMANDISES

Fine Pastry Cakes - Tartelette Framboises
Tartelette Framboises
Tartelette Sublime Vanille with dacquoise chocolate
Sublime Vanille
Christmas Chocolate Macarons and Macaron Pyramid
Macaron Pyramid
croquembouche and macaron pyramid
Croquembouche pyramid
French Croissant Croissant gourmand
French Croissant
Chocolates - Tablets
Dacquoise chocolates

Come have a snack with us

French baguette bread

In the style of anybakery, we also have at your disposal our magnificent healthy bread.

Start your snack with a tasty Sandwich and finish with a delicious tartelette from the French Fine Pastry

Liquid levain bread and natural fermentation

the cakes of fine French pastry

From the "soyeuse" texture of a cream, to the "croustillant" of a puff pastry, the subtlety of something acidulous, the "craquant" of a topping, to the decoration, everything is thought out and elaborated to the smallest detail.

The difference cannot be made without effort and dedication and, obviously, without high quality products.
So, everything is produced with immaculate natural flours, the best chocolates in the world, superb fondants, delicious fruits.

And to accompany with any of our specialties, try the one exclusive selection of tea that we customize for you.

Or... perhaps you are in good company, certainly a special day for you?!
In this case nothing better than a delicious flute of Champagne.

There are plenty of options and they're all delicious.

Come try our Tartelettes or the unforgettable Macarons and you will feel the difference.

Tartelette exotique
Tartelette exotique


" I must say ... they were the best croissants I have ever had in my life. I am French and have traveled a bit, but their croissants .... INCREDIBLE! Especially the pistachio one, I thought it would be too heavy, but no! Very light and tasty! It's a bit far from the center of Lisbon but I will definitely come back for that alone! It was worth the detour!"
Myriam JS
Myriam JS
"Everything is very good in this pastry shop, beautiful cakes and a great welcome. A good souvenir during our stay in Lisbon. Very nice decoration. Don't use the bathroom either, they are unique. "
Christian BELLET
Christian BELLET
Macarons - Pyramids
Macaron Pyramids

Sugars and the role of fruits

French Pastry uses very little refined sugar.
Whether in Tartelettes, macarons, or any other gourmandise.

We usually don't have this notion, but French jam is mostly fruit jam.
Almond flours and the use of dark chocolate, help the goal.
And we, we have a great concern about the use of excess sugars:

  • Although it is a pastry;
  • despite the fact that we maintain some convent and similar, for those who find it difficult to free themselves from sugar;
  • and for those who come from other nationalities, visit us and make a point of trying our sweets

There is a great concern to serve you food that is as healthy as possible. Why should it be any different with cakes?!

Macaroons and other Dacquoise_Gift_Card

Your gift card

There is always that very special person who deserves all your affection.
At Pâtisserie Dacquoise you can surprise her with a Gift Card in the amount you see fit

Delivery from Fine Pastry

Only for orders of 25€ or more, please call:

(+351) 933 203 120

Values and scope:

0 to 5 Kms - 6.90€
5 to 10 Kms - 8.90€
10 to 15 Kms - 10.90€
> de 15 Kms - 0.90€/Km

Note: In the case of tolls on the delivery route, its value is increased

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