Our Healthy Bread - made with "Levain Liquid", Natural Fermentation Processes and Immaculate Natural Flours.

Know why a bread made under these conditions has everything to benefit your health.
We manufacture for resale several types of bread, e.g.: hamburger, rustic, wheat, rye, mixed, corn and others.

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Bread Baguettes

Do you know what a healthy bread is?

Maybe you've heard of "Levain liquid" and natural fermentation processes. But let us explain it better:

The bread is usually made with powdered yeasts (with chemicals) because they accelerate the manufacturing time. But they hurt your health.

Eh! saving time in the manufacture and use of low quality raw material, is great for the manufacturer. But it won't be the best thing for you.

As a result and to obtain a healthy bread, instead of using baking powder we use "levain liquid" (liquid yeast), a natural fermentation with live microorganisms, but which takes 3 days to cultivate. It also needs to be refreshed daily to keep it alive.

In addition, in the case of a living component, it takes its time to ferment, a process that we designate natural fermentation, which is not the case with the unnatural yeasts, where everything happens very quickly.

And of course, flours are essential and of the utmost importance for the manufacture of a healthy bread. Consequently we use the most immaculate natural flours.

Very important still: no preservatives.

A bread made in these conditions is much healthier to accompany any of your meals.

Now you know. And your health deserves it!


Only for orders of 25€ or more, please call:

(+351) 933 203 120

Values and scope:

0 to 5 Kms - €6.90
5 to 10 Kms - €8.90
10 to 15 Kms - EUR 10.90
+ 15 Kms - EUR 0.90 per km

Note: In the case of tolls on the delivery route, its value is increased

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