Catering and Events

Catering for private parties and companies in Lisbon. We know how difficult it is to make the right choice for your catering and events

That's why we help you find the perfect miniatures and snacks for catering your breakfast, snacks, or other festivities. Indeed, we have catering for Companies, Birthdays, Weddings, Baptisms or any other event. We deliver your catering at home, with or without on-site service. We also have finger food catering, and Cocktails Catering that you can accompany with delicious suckling pig, croque monsieur or seafood among others.

That is: don't worry and leave the task to us.

  • If you have just received that call from your friends and don't have time to prepare a meal at home;
  • Whether you are preparing catering for a christening, for a wedding, or for your birthday;
  • If you have a company and want to organize an event for your employees or customers

Relax! We take care of everything.
The sky is the limit and we have no lack of imagination.

We use the highest quality products, selected to ensure an unforgettable event that will result in one of the most beautiful memories in the memory of all participants.

In addition, we deliver and/or serve your catering to your home, your company, or wherever you wish.

Either way, shine with us!

Finger food catering and coffee breaks

We offer an innovative catering service and coffee break solutions, from 'finger-food' to complete menus and original products.
We associate the best ingredients to the rigor of confection and service delivery

We also offer vegetarian and gluten-free menus.

Catering table of cheeses
Catering Dacquoise
Catering Dacquoise
Catering and Events - Corporate Breakfast
Catering-Small Business Lunch
corporate catering
corporate catering

Catering Menus

Here are some of the Menu options available for your Event. 

We also offer roast suckling pig, among others.

Since the 

to vegan options, you will find at Pâtisserie Dacquoise everything you need for your party to be just the way you want it.

Cocktails Catering and Beverages

Exotic Daiquiri
Exotic Daiquiri
Martini Express
Martini Express
Cocktails Catering - Moscow-Mule

And because no meal is good without good drinks, check or download our catalog on the page drinks
From the wonderful collection of the best teas in the world, to Natural Juices, Smoothies, Detox, Wines and Champagne, to Cocktails for catering, you will find everything you need to brighten up your event.

Catering at home or at your company's headquarters, with or without on-site service.

Catering Cocktails - Mojito
Cocktails - Caipirinha

Dessert Time

Some of the Gourmandises or Desserts for your Catering or Corporate Event, Birthday, Christening and others.

The choice is yours

Our staff is responsible for enhancing your party, serving personalized and exclusive products.
Your event can only shine with the best that French pastry has to offer.

And this, as a rule, uses almond flour doughs as sweeteners,
the 64-70% cocoa chocolate and the sweetness of the fruits.
In this way, making this type of sweets quite healthy.

Welcome to Dacquoise

Catering Pyramid of Macarons
Desserts - Macaron Pyramids
Home catering in Lisbon - cakes for events
Cakes for events
Papaya Croissant Roll
Papaya Croissant Roll
tartelette exotic fruits
Exotic Tartelette Gourmandises
Home catering in Lisbon - Mini gourmandises
Mini gourmandises Miscellaneous
Pancakes red fruits
Pancakes red fruits
Home catering in Lisbon - Pirâmide Croquembouche
Croquembouche Pyramids
Fruity Granola
Fruity Granola

Home Catering

Only for orders of 25€ or more, please call:

(+351) 933 203 120

Values and scope:

0 to 5 Kms - 6.90€
5 to 10 Kms - 8.90€
10 to 15 Kms - 10.90€
> de 15 Kms - 0.90€/Km

Note: In the case of tolls on the delivery route, its value is increased