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Catering and Events

Catering and Events? We know how hard it is to make the right choice of your mini gourmandises

That's why we help you find the perfect mini gourmandises for your event catering

Take care of yourself and leave the task to us

Relax! We'll take care of everything.
The Sky is the limit and imagination do not lack.

Please contact us or, if you prefer, make your order directly through our "Delivery" services (Uber Or Takeaway) and calmly receive the catering for your event wherever you wish, in the Lisbon area.

We use high quality products. Shine with us.

Catering & Events

Catering & Events: Mini Gourmandises

Description: Mini eclairs Gianduja, Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistacho, Café; Merengadas, Fruit, Lemon and other tartelettes.



Description: Various colors and Flavors: Lychee, Roses, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee and others.

Mini financiers

Mini Financiers

Description: Various textures and various flavors: Pistacho, Chocolate, Roses and Lychee.


Mini Gourmandises: Fruit Tartelettes

Description: Fruit Cover of various flavors, Merengadas, of Lemon, or other.

Catering & Events

Assortment Mini Gourmandises

Description: Opera, Tartelettes, Conventuais and various mini gourmandises

Fruit and Chocolate Fondue

Fruit Fondue

Description: Skein of various Fruits in hot chocolate syrup.

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