Brunch Lisbon
Brunch in Campo de Ourique

Be Welcome to your Breakfast in Lisbon - brunch cafe in Campo de Ourique. Also available as home delivery and a meal for Birthdays, Weddings, Baptisms or Companies in the version of Catering. Currently also in the version of Vegan Brunch.

We have Brunch Box. Consult us.

Dacquoise Brunch in Lisbon
Dacquoise Brunch in Lisbon

Vegan Brunch

Vegan Brunch

In order to fulfill the promise to our customers, Dacquoise offers you its new Vegan Snack.

(1 Pax - €18,00)

That is, a Meal consisting of:

- Artisan Bread with Beet Hummus, Laminated Avocado, Pickles, Micro Vegetable Mix, Roasted Tomatoes and Salted Granola

- Vegan Oatmeal Pancake with Maple Syrup

- Vegan Yogurt with Dacquoise Granola and Fresh Fruit

- Hot Beverage of Choice

This new Vegan brunch finally comes to fill a gap in the breakfast menu, which has been claimed by our valued customers. This way, we leave complete and enriched, the offer of food for customers with the most varied levels of demand.

Note: the menu may vary if the raw material does not currently meet our exacting standards or if it is somehow scarce on the market. 

Dacquoise Brunch

Lisbon brunch in Campo de Ourique
Lisbon Brunch brunch in Campo de Ourique

This is an extended breakfast,
available daily
between 9am and 4pm 

(1Pax - €17,90 / 2Pax - €35,90)

Served in three stages:

-Mini Croissant, Artisan Bread, Scone, Fruit Compote, Butter, Honey, Natural Orange Juice, Yogurt BIO with Compote and Granola

- Salad Mix, Sautéed Mushrooms, Scrambled EggsSalty Mini Éclairs, Guacamole, Sweet Potato Chips, Ham, Cheese, Ham, Fried Bacon, Salami, Walnuts and Freshly Sliced Fruit

-Espresso or Dacquoise coffee and Chef's Mignardises

Note: Menu subject to alterations

Brunch for birthdays, weddings, baptisms and other events

A meal that you can enjoy at your events, since it is a complete lunch, served with the best raw materials and to which you can always add our Birthday Cakes, or Ceremony Cakes personalized to your taste.

In addition, and to brighten the atmosphere, it also has wonderful French gourmandises that will delight your guests.

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Campo de Ourique

brunch in Campo de Ourique
Lisbon Brunch brunch in Campo de Ourique

In conclusion, now that you know this exquisite meal, try your Anniversary brunch in our company and hospitality in the parish of Campo de Ourique where, among others and a block away, you can visit the Jardim da Parada, the Fernando Pessoa house and nearby, the Santo Condestável Church.

If you prefer, we will deliver it to your home, company, or wherever you want.


"This Patisserie has a nice brunch with a delicious and cute mini tartlet at the end. Pleasant experience in a lovely part of Lisbon."
Dima Adomeit
Dima Adomeit
" Very refined pastry shop with many beautiful things, French cakes, all the cakes are very good, the pastry is very nice and as beautiful as the cake.
I recommend this pastry shop to delight yourself with quality service "
Lilian Raillon
Lilian Raillon