seasonal collections

Seasonal collections

In several places on our site and in some advertising, you will have noticed that we often tell you about Seasonal Collections.

But if it's all cakes, why do we talk about it so much?
Let's try to answer with another question that we think will simplify the answer:

Have you ever tried eating fruit out of season?
Yes, you can, but of course:

  • Ultra Frozen and subsequently defrosted;
  • Or crystallized, loaded with sugar;
  • Or, kept in heavily sweetened syrups, right?

Sometimes we have to import fruit that, being in season in other regions of the world, is not here.
Or simply because they are and will always be imported fruit.
It is!!, but why are we talking about fruit now?

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Éclair Gianduja seasonal collections
Éclair Gianduja seasonal collections

The role of fruit in the seasonal collection

French Pastry uses very little refined sugar.
We usually don't have this notion, but French pastry is most often the sweetness of fruit.
Almond flours and the use of dark chocolate also help the goal.

And we, for our part, are very concerned about the use of excess sugars:

  • Although it is a pastry;
  • despite the fact that we maintain some convent and similar, for those who find it difficult to free themselves from sugar;
  • and for those who come from other nationalities, visit us and make a point of trying our sweets

There is a great concern to serve you food that is as healthy as possible. Why should it be any different with cakes?!
As we said above, one of the main raw materials is fruit.
And as such, each product should respect its season and never be maintained by artificial methods.

We believe we have managed to explain the reason for our Seasonal Collections.
Which do not necessarily require a repetition of the same cakes, in the same season and year after year.
The art and design will take care of the rest. And that, our Chef is an expert.

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Delivery of your Seasonal Collection

Only for orders of 25€ or more, please call:

(+351) 933 203 120

Values and scope:

0 to 5 Kms - $6.90
5 to 10 Kms - $ 8.90
10 to 15 Kms - EUR 10.90
> 15 Kms - EUR 0.90 per km

Note: In the case of tolls on the delivery route, its value is increased

Kremlin seasonal collections