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Pâtisserie Dacquoise - Chef's Preface

I grew up making cakes for the family and by that time I wanted them to be different and exceptional.

I confess that I had a second passion - "tennis" - a sport that I spent both competing and teaching for a few years.

But it was Rita, my wife, who at the age of twenty encouraged me to train in my area of choice. I got into this world of pastry and was lucky enough to work with a great French Chef.

I was quickly invited to work in southern France, in the beautiful Côte-D'Azur, where I remained as pastry chef for 4 ½ years, a period that I took advantage of to deepen and refine the knowledge in Pastry, attending with great World Chefs among the which, the illustrious Chef - World Champion of Pastry - Christophe Michalak.

For my dear wife who, working at my side, inspired and encouraged me every day, we traveled all over France.

We met and talked with famous Chef´s of Paris.
We run after our dreams.

We decided to go back to the origins and open our Pâtisserie Dacquoise ", where everything was thought to the smallest detail.

A universe of sensations and pleasure that "apporte us une vie de BONHEUR".
(Chef Ivo Camões)



What we do



We use products from the best international provenances



Healthy meals, under the control and guidance of our nutritionist



The best coffee, chocolate, champagne, or natural juices. The choice is yours

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