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We own a vast collection of beverages.
From the best champagnes, to extraordinary wines, juices and Detox, espresso and derivatives to our exclusive collection of the best teas in the world, we have everything you need to accompany your meals.


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Our teas come from the best lots and the best international origins.

For example:

  • More propitious climates, first choice foliage, drying methods, handling, storage and even transportation, are great responsible and the basis of exquisite tasting, different and exceptional.
  • Our carefully selected flavor blends, among the tastiest and healthiest, make all the difference.


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Dom Pérignon is perhaps the best known of all French Champagnes.
A tribute to the Benedictine monk of the same name, a pioneer in its production,

Pérignon was the first to mix several types of grapes, to use thick bottles and to use cork stopper tied with hemp cord.

In the time of the monasteries, grapes were delivered by local farmers as payment for their tithes.
They were then collectively vinified, regardless of differences in varieties or place of provenance.

The blend became an art in the hands of notable religious producers, such as the monk Dom Pérignon, treasurer of Hautvilliers Abbey in "Champagne".

His specialty was to combine selected grapes from different backgrounds to improve the balance of wine.

However, many years later, the Champagne Houses copied the method:

  • Exploring the diversity of each territory;
  • and mixing wines from different grape varieties and different harvests

Aiming to produce a cuvée superior in quality to any of the others.

This mixture made it possible to create harmonious champagnes and paved the way for sparkling wines with character. With flavor and quality, something unprecedented at a time when producers were at the mercy of nature.

The Champagne has a history that goes back to the dawn of Christianity, but its rules and limits only in 1927 were defined. And only in 1936 was it officially recognized.

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