Opéra Cake

Let's dive into your past:

The story of the Opéra cake begins in 1955, with Cyriaque Gavillon.

Cyriaque Gavillon's father was the pastry chef at the Ritz.
Meanwhile, his son ran the Dalloyau house, one of the oldest in France.

Cyriaque was an artisan in modernising the cakes of the time.
In other words, he revolutionises the codes of confectionery: no more round, large and extravagant cakes.

In short: he worked on his new creation (the Opéra cake) by superimposing different layers in order to create an exquisite dessert in which all the flavors could be enjoyed at once.

Meanwhile, his wife (Andrée), named the creation after the dancers at the Opéra Garnier in Paris, who frequented the store.

At the time, the Opéra cake was seen as avant-garde, not only because of its shape, but also because of the ingredients used.
So to summarize: Gavillon reduces the sugar, removes the alcohol and gives it a rectangular shape.

But five years later, Gaston Lenôtre created his own Opera cake and claimed paternity.
It wasn't until 1988 that the newspaper Le Monde decided to do justice and attribute the paternity of the Opéra to the Dalloyau house!

The recipe for this magnificent Gourmandise

The Opéra cake consists of two layers of coffee buttercream, plus one layer of chocolate ganache, all squeezed between "joconde" cookies scented with coffee syrup and a gold leaf as a cover.

In a single bite, the amateur experiences the strength of the coffee, the intensity of the chocolate and the sweetness of the almond ...

In other words, the meticulous baking process makes the Opéra cake a symbol of French confectionery know-how.

Chic, sophisticated and a favourite.
Layers and layers of flavour with notes of chocolate and coffee, this is one of those gourmandises that no description is enough to do it justice, "just tasting it!"

Now that you know its history and the recipe has been revealed to you, accompany it with a flute of Champagne from our magnificent collection, come and enjoy this incredible gourmandise, at Pâtisserie Dacquoise!