Paris Brest

Paris Brest

Know your story

Today we're going to tell you how Paris Brest, that giant from the French pastry shop

Although it was initially made in the shape of a laurel crown, it does not recall the story.

In 1910, in honor of a bicycle race between Paris-Brest-Paris, it was created by Louis Durand, Maison Laffitte's pastry chef, the famous cake, inspired by a bicycle wheel.

The cake, although French, has internationalized and maintains today the same success as its original.

This real delight, has in its composition Pâte-à-Choux with Cream Praliné (Chocolate with Hazelnut).

Do you also want a drink suggestion? ... Okay, here it is:

  • If you have your “soul mate”, accompany it with a fresh flute of champagne; this is because this cake is warm and the summer demands it;
  • If you prefer something less alcoholic, we suggest one of the cold teas of our Magnificent Custom Selection. Or, why not? A Natural Juice of the day?!

"Et bon appétit"

Brief prayer of Leila Gato (thank you dear client), which like her we share with all of you.

Repeat with "Gato":
Our "Paris Brest" in the window of Dacquoise, hallowed be your name.
Let us have our plate, at the table as well as at the counter.
Give us this day our daily cake.
Forgive us our caloric excesses just as we forgive those who do not like to eat.
And lead us into temptation, but deliver us from excess weight.

// Amen //
Leila Gato
Paris Brest - Brief prayer of the "gato" (cat)

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