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Tea selection

Selection of Teas

A selection of the best teas in the world.

Did you know that some Teas contain more caffeine than Coffee?

Yes, it's true. And that was one of the characteristics that we soon took into account, while creating our extraordinary Tea Selection.

Of course, we also have lots of caffeinated teas.

However, because it is your choice, we will be here to advise you if you need us.

In other words, our teas come from the best lots and the best international origins.

For example:

  • More propitious climates, first choice foliage, drying methods, handling, storage and even transportation, are great responsible and the basis of exquisite tasting, different and exceptional.
  • Our carefully selected blends of flavors, from the most tasty and healthy, do the rest, make all the difference.

As a result and because our tea selection takes all this into account, "we are authorized" to designate it as:

Exclusive and Customized Selection of the Best Teas in the World.

Here are some examples:

  • Dacquoise: Oolong se Chung, black tea darjeeling, pieces of cocoa, sunflower flowers, turmeric, pieces of mango, pieces of dark chocolate and natural aromas of hazelnut cream;
  • Sencha: green tea Japanese sencha premium with a delicious spicy, slightly bitter and quite aromatic taste;
  • Jasmine Parfumgreen tea delicately flavoured with flowers and natural essences of jasmine;
  • Fraises & Champagnegreen tea with wide leaves combined with wild strawberries and natural champagne aromas;
  • Father Mu Tan: white tea  top composed of white hair buds and large, flat leaves, slightly spicy and with intense floral aromas;
  • Rose from L´Orient: Pai Mu Tan white tea, Sencha green tea, Jasmine tea, rose buds, blue cornflower petals and natural mango aromas;
  • Delice au CaramelRooibos, caramel pieces, vanilla pieces and natural caramel aromas;
  • Vanille

And these are just some of the many options at your disposal.

We also offer traditional teas such as: Lime, Chamomile, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, among others.

And even for the summer, we serve the cold cuts of exquisite flavors (Piña Colada or Fuits de Paradis).

In conclusion: no doubt you will find in our tea selection the perfect accompaniment for your favorite cake. And here you have plenty to choose from. For example, try our Mini Pistacho Eclaira delicious Paris Brest, Or unavoidable Opéra.

In other words: choose from our vast collection of  Fine Pastryor any of the Seasonal Novelties.

And be sure to test our other exclusive drinks, such as for example:

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