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It motivates us a healthy diet and therefore you will always find in our menu, the best options.

Breakfast, often overlooked by society, is an essential meal. We are talking about the most important meal of the day and it is never too much to remind you.

Its main functions are to alleviate the fasting of the night time and to give it the energy necessary to face your morning activities.

This important meal should supply about 25% of your daily nutritional needs.
Not respecting it is the beginning of the walk to the detriment of your well being.
For all this and much more, if there is one meal to worry about, it is precisely breakfast.

Whether in the form of a Menu or not, Dacquoise offers you a different breakfast option every day, which respects the principles of this important meal.
And it is always good to remember: accompanied of our bread fresh from the oven. And of best drink.

And if you are looking for an extended or delayed version, you can find our Brunch ("Petit" version Or "Maison" version)

Opinion of our dear client Leila Gato

Good morning! I just concluded that the best meal of the day for first Dates is breakfast!
The reasons are simple dear friends:

i) humor. Good, bad or no salt. It is in the morning, and shortly after waking, that people reveal their essence. And if the situation implies waking up next to that person until the end of your days, you should do the test of the 9. You never thought of that, did you? Years of investigating theories!

II) sleeping face. If someone loves you with this face. Put the ring on him and run to the Conservatorium. Are you still there?

III) economy. Well, believe me, it gets a lot cheaper than dinner. Yes, because the average meal per person in Lisbon is worthy of "eccentric" and so do not have to sell the other half of the kidney that have already promised the Lords of that Discharacterized van.

IV) eternity. If the thing goes really well, you can both eat toast every day of your life together, any day of the week, any time of the day.

Yes. From here to Eternity...
Leila Gato
Leila Gato
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